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How to help

If you are a member of the Legal Profession or Local Community which has any idea which can advance the interests of local kids such as a specific local project idea; or if you wish to provide  resources; or wish to be involved in our existing projects then please get in touch....

Young Achiever Award Winners

Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors and Blacktown Lions Club have selected their 2016 Young Achiever Awards. Please contact us as to how you can get involved including attending the local awards night in Blacktown see


We are always looking for other Law Firms to sponsor (Perhaps with a Local Service Club or other sponsor) local youth in similar awards in different areas.


Kids Court
This project will produce a mini documentary available online to assist children who have Independent Childrens Lawyers appointed to them. This project is funded and resources by Michael Vassili Barristers and Solicitors


Add you project here....
Get in touch to add your project here....there's lots to do and so little time to do it..dont waste a moment as children are our future.


Court for a Day Program

This project aims to permit local youth (from a dissadvantaged background) spend a day in a suitable Court with either a Local Lawyer or Judicial Officer/Staff. The objective of this project is to have young children of high risk background obtain an appreciation of the "human side" of the legal system by spending a day with those within it.

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